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Who is this guy?

It me. Ian Knight is a Computer Scientist & Swing Dancer residing in Adelaide, Australia. Having spent several years in the telecommunications industry, Ian now works on a variety of system deployment and maintenance projects, usually in homes and small offices.

When not designing or preparing systems and deployments, Ian can usually be found tinkering on his computer or in his workshop on a variety of random projects, but more often than not, listening to Swing and Blues music, dancing and spending time with friends and family.

Ian enjoys playing an active role in his Swing and Blues community helping to run classes and events, and having spent the past few years running and helping with the Adelaide University Swing Dancing Club where he first started dancing. If you don't catch him on the dance floor, you'll likely find him managing the event, DJing or taking a break from all that hard work. Don't let that stop you from grabbing a dance though! Ian is always happy to dance now or later if he's not up for it at the moment for some reason.